Some selected experiences


Spring & Summer 2017, Umeå, Sweden. Mio is a chatbot developed for slack. It is a distributed service for helping companies find personalized office space relevant to their specific needs. It was created as part of my master thesis project, evaluating chatbot influence. The slack API consumes a node.js webservice with a connected postgres database and the natural language processing was created with a machine learning platform called

Chatbot designer, Back-end developer

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Svt Journey

Fall 2016, Umeå, Sweden. A school project with the Swedish television company SVT. A mobile application prototype making your video streaming behaviour more mutual by collaboration and gamification. Users can experience content together and the main idea is that they with this app feel motivated to do so. See more. You can also read about the project here.

UX Designer


Fall 2016, Umeå, Sweden. This IoT experiment is a real-time communication system for keeping the user in control of an automated smart home. This by for example enabling the user to change screen of an ongoing video with a simple pinch of two fingers. The system uses arduino movement sensors to be aware of the context and provides a user with the option of switching screens when for example entering a new room. A web app and android app was implemented as examples of different screens while the pinchy system is a Nodejs service. The idea was also to adopt this interaction flow for other use cases in a smart home as well, like turning on the lights or not et.c. Check out the project here.

Interaction designer, Full-stack developer

Expressen Internship

Summer 2015, Stockholm, Sweden. I was part of a team at Expressen's development department working close with the editorial staff in quick iterations as a web developer or UX designer depending on each project. The purpose was to add an interactive element to articles and other publications. A creative process started for each project and a lot of freedom was granted in concept development as well as exploring appropriate methods and tools. I was part of a lot of projects during my internship. You can also read my thoughts about the media industry after my time at Expressen.

UX Designer, Front-end Developer

Spring 2015. Umeå, Sweden. A group project in school where we worked as a consultant team in improving conversion rates by helping to redesign the signup process for the startup New design launched June 2015. Better visuals here.

UX Designer


Winter 2014. Umeå, Sweden. We won a 24h hackathon with the challenge of digital transformation. Our prototype aimed to improve cooking instructions. We built a web application for this new concept in using recipies when cooking. Online recipies can be complex and still adopts the same layout as the tradtional book-form medium. We were aiming for a better user experience where you can easily follow a timeline and complete one single step at the time, instructions and ingredients all together. See the prototype here.

Interaction designer, Front-end Developer

Volvo Group PM Portal

Summer 2014. Göteborg, Sweden. I was part of creating a new web portal for the Project Management academy. A part of the intranet that lets all project managers in Volvo Group spread news, share knowledge, use discussion forums, etc. for better communication within the company. The portal is meant to be used as a starting point for accessing all communication channels whithin Volvo for employees interested in project management. It has a community registration and a specially customized CMS solution to enable dynamic content updating.

UI designer, Front-end developer